Team Sport Portraits

Kids work hard to achieve their sport goals. The lessons they learn as an athlete will shape them throughout their lives. Why not remember this time with artistic sport portraits worthy of their professional heroes?

My sport portraits respect the amount of hard work that your athlete puts into their craft. After the photography is done, I spend hours perfecting the images. My editing style is clean, balanced and detailed. You will receive online, digital access to the final processed photographs. These images are yours, to use as you see fit. While printing is available through my website, you are not obliged to pay me a penny for prints.



1 full-body image per athlete
1 team photo
$20 per athlete


1 full-body image per athlete
1 headshot per athlete
1 team photo
Free photographs of parent coaches and their children
$25 per athlete


2 full-body images per athlete (one full-body and one action or playful shot)
2 headshots per athlete (one smiling and one with their game face)
2 team photos
Free photographs of parent coaches and their children
$35 per athlete

Coaches always receive the team photo for free.


“My grand daughter is on the K-Star team.  I just saw their pictures tonight.  Kudos to you!!!!!  The pictures are fabulous!  The close ups of the girls make it seem as though you can see their souls.  The fun, silly relaxed pictures are oh so fabulous!!!!!  Thank you for bringing smiles to me today looking through the pictures.”

Rosalie M.

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