What services do you offer?

I specialize in portraits. However I am also available for event, wedding and product photography as well.

Will you photograph same-sex weddings?

Yes! Love is love.

How many photographers do you bring to a wedding?

Normally I am the only photographer at the wedding. However, if your wedding is large or complicated, I may hire a second photographer.

Do you shoot video?

No. I am a photographer only.

Will you shoot the rehearsal dinner too?

I always plan a full-day for a wedding shoot. I will be there from the moment before you get ready to until well after the dancing starts. If you want me at the rehearsal, that can be arraigned depending on my availability. Want engagement portraits? I can provide them as well.

How long until I can see my photographs?

Not only do I capture your photographs, I spend quality time on each photograph to ensure quality post-production work. You can expect your photographs in 3-4 weeks. They will be delivered on a flash drive in both high-resolution (for print) and low-resolution (for social media sharing) format.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No. You will receive printing rights, which allows you to use the files to print as you see wish. I retain copyright, which allows me to use the photographs for my portfolio, website, online publications, etc.

I saw this great photograph on Pinterest, can you take the same photograph for us?

I take all photograph requests under consideration, however I will not copy another photographer’s work. Ask yourself, what it is about this photograph that speaks to you? Is it the way the bride looks? The lighting? The emotion? We can incorporate the inspiration of the Pinterest photograph into an image that is captured for you alone.

Do you take family shots?

Yes. Parents and grandparents love them.

What should I wear for my portrait?

Wear whatever YOU feel best personifies you and your individual style. That said, try to stay away from clothing patterns, stripes or large dots. Solid colors photograph best and do not distract the eye from you.

Feel free bring a few accessories. A cute hat or a stylish jacket can transform your look without the need of a complete wardrobe change.

Ladies: Please consider the cut of your top. Also, dresses and skirts are fun and make for some dramatic photographs, but please be sure that the attire you are in is comfortable and able to move.

Normally 3-4 changes of clothing is the most that you would want to bring. Be sure to wear clothing that you can change into and out of quickly.

Do you photograph in a studio?

No. We are blessed to live in a region with an abundance of scenic beauty. From forests to cities, beaches to ski resorts, there is a place that will fit your style and personality better than a stuffy studio.

Can I bring a friend or family?

Yes! I encourage you to bring a friend so that you have help carrying clothes, purses, etc. Family is also great. However, students please have that difficult conversation with your parents that tells them that this is your photo shoot, not theirs. Senior portraits are all about YOUR transition from child to adult. It should be about how you see yourself as a person, not as how your parents see you.

Any tips on hair and makeup?

If you are going to get your hair cut for your portraits, be sure to do so a week or two before the shoot. That way your hair looks fresh, but doesn’t have that ‘just cut’ feel.

As for makeup, it all depends on the look you’re going for. It never hurts to go with something that’s understated, timeless, and accentuates your natural beauty. However, there are instances where a more dramatic look can work well too. In general, stay away from lipstick that’s too bold for your complexion, as it will distract from your eyes, which are the real focal point. Also less is usually best.

If you have a blemish, it is best to just ignore it when you are applying makeup. Blemishes are easily touched up in post-processing. If you cake on makeup in an attempt to cover a blemish, the makeup cannot be removed.

Will you photoshop out my wrinkles, curves, chubby areas?

No. The natural you is beautiful. Wrinkles are well earned. Curves are sexy. I won’t add muscles or redefine your shape.

Why don’t you offer all of the photos taken?

You may find the many photographers offer up to 100+ photographs per hour. I offer much fewer. That is because quality is important to me. I typically take hundreds of shots per session. I delete those in which you are blinking, look awkward, or the lighting is not perfect. I keep only those shots in which you look your absolute best. And those shots that I do keep receive a thorough retouching. I want your eyes to pop with color and there to be no blemishes in your skin. Your photos will receive the attention of an artist.

What if I need to reschedule?

If the weather is nasty, I will call off the shoot. In truth, only precipitation will ruin a shot. Cloudy weather is often preferable to sunny days.

I want you to look your best for your photographs. To look your best, you need to feel your best. If you are under the weather, facing a tough break up, or just don’t feel up to having your photograph taken, we can figure out another time.