About Dave Harrell

Blow up the north. Once our particular part of the North gets into you, life isn’t a foul mess anymore… Come up and you’ll be a new man from then on. I wouldn’t give it up for all the wine, women and song in the world – and I was never opposed to any of the great Trilogy.

Ernest Hemingway in a letter to his friend Bill Horne in 1920 about Northern Michigan.



I am a commercial, editorial and portrait photographer and storyteller. I love photographing people.

I capture authenticity through portrait, lifestyle, wedding, concert, and travel photography. I pursue the real emotions between real people that produce the most beautiful and evocative photographs. My approach is photo-journalistic, finding fresh and creative ways to preserve genuine, intimate, and playful moments.

I picked up a professional camera for the first time while in the US Air Force, way back in 1991. I also spent 10 years as professional historian working with archival photographs.

Father. Husband. Movie buff. THE Detroit Lions Fan. Go Harbor Springs Rams.